Winnipeg Airport Authority Collective Agreement

He said that with the slowdown in air traffic he saw, the Winnipeg airport will be „happy“ if it receives 2 million passengers by the end of the year. WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Airports Authority (WAA) has reduced salaries and issued temporary and permanent redundancy notices affecting more than 20 positions, as airport passenger traffic has decreased by up to 98 per cent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The two sides reached a tentative agreement late on Sunday. A ratification vote is scheduled for today. „We said that if there was work to be done, it would be our members who should do the work and not the contractors, and if no agreement was reached, they hit the pickets,“ Hladun said. „The reality we have now is that we are not the same airport as we were before.“ The aim of this agreement is to maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial relations between the employer, the Union and the workers, by establishing certain terms of employment which have been agreed by collective bargaining. Kevin Rebeck, president of the Manitoba Federation of Labour, called the ASP „unfair and unconstitutional“ and said it was undermining the conventional rights of more than 120,000 public service employees. The new agreement also provides for a health care spending account, increases meal and overtime sleep pay, modernizes terminology and removes some redundant language existing in the contract, according to the joint press release. The Authority and the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), which represents the approximately 150 striking employees, announced an agreement in a joint press release on Wednesday. MacAfee stated that in some areas of the airport, there was no longer as much need for staff, resulting in temporary and permanent layoffs. Hladun said the layoffs will take effect in 20 days, which said it was against the collective agreement. She said the union had filed complaints about layoffs at the WAA.

„We have a place where we have to arrive as a company, and it`s not a negotiation we`re doing with the union – that`s the reality now. It`s really a question of how to get there,“ MacAfee said. Unfortunately, if the union insists on the letter of each part of the agreement, we will have to make deeper and deeper cuts. „[Employees] were willing to contribute to the success of the airport, but they are really disappointed with the response from management. She noted that the strike continues at the airport is under federal jurisdiction, but she said, „I absolutely think that because of the political climate, it has a provincial impact on the negotiations at the airport.“ The Winnipeg Airports Authority is sending a quarter of its staff back to Winnipeg, citing the drastic decline in air traffic during the COVID-19 pandemic – but the union that represents some of those employees says the group is violating its collective agreement.