Sober House Agreement

I was assaulted by a psychopathic neighbour that my roommates saw, and I defended myself, which everyone guaranteed me, that I wasn`t out of my rank or that I was implying something. The owner of my SLE decided that I was breaking the rules, which is not violence. He threw me on the road the next day. All my roommates agreed that I had done nothing wrong, but regardless of the fact that I was evicted. Is it legal to do so, especially if it was property and not with someone outside the house? Each resident will have a number of sheets (mats, sheets, pillows and pillowcases). Brightside also supplies commonly used products such as dishes, food, coffee and filters, detergents, toilet paper, paper bags, paper towels, hand soap and detergents. The use of Brightside`s provisions for non-domestic purposes is considered theft and is a reason for expulsion. Under this section of the law, any tenant living in drug- and alcohol-free apartments is entitled to a rental contract in WRITING and access to support services through enhancement programs (. B for example, Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous). I need to know if we signed an agreement not to use or break the rules.

Or you get 3 strikes. But if we do that, we can be asked to leave within the hour. If it`s legal? I live in a sober life in ky. And they accepted my money, it was a partial payment. It is a nagged every week, if I pay the rent and if I pay the majority like 50 dollars, one threatens to be thrown away within the hour. Someone, please help me! I found this room sharing place thoufr, was not informed that it was a sober place and the owner told me that I should not keep rules of life sober. In other words,.. She wanted money. We live in a lot of bed bugs. The manager told me about the window as a show. I`ve got people outside the window.

Someone broke into the apartment and she told me I was going to go upstairs. I have to pay double the rent. Technically, my rent is 500, but I don`t want a roommate. they paid me 1000. The people she is inseminated with are either mentally ill or very addicted to drugs. You refuse to help with anything, but you bother for rent money. Is there anything I can do? She came to my house, too. On some inspection> and took the thing I paid for from the apartment. I am harassed every day by my maid and the owner. I don`t feel listened to.

I`ve sent so many emails everywhere. I have written the mayor, the governor, Oprah, the president, every social service program at our disposal… Church cops and lawyers. We spent Thanksgiving alone… The news channels have been contacted. George Kent, the head of the Oxford house. Oxford House Services World… And I haven`t accomplished anything. I always have great hope, and always in conversation with a sponsor who has my medication every day. I feel lonely and feel that my recovery is in danger. My mental health has been tested the last two weeks because the other 2 rooms I had on 307 madison court in my Oxford woman home decided to have a relapse.

I`m not sure why so many women have decided to fail here since I arrived in August, but In a waitress in Ihop without a car collect medals and stamps on clean methadone with only 13 months. Three months ago, I was homeless with 2 jobs that pay $140 a night for hotels, and now because my house is up to only 1 member than 2 weeks ago and our rent is $175 a week my landlord who has the Charter to earn money and get tax relief either sex from women to men with less than 3 weeks notice and I don`t change a car for sleep in …. or simply to take their homes back completely during this pandemic.