University Health Network Collective Agreement

Renewal contract: Effective September 29, 2017 to September 28, 2021. Ratified in May 2019. Signed may 24, 2019. Life insurance: The employer pays 100% of the premiums paid to Ontario Life Insurance Plan Group hospitals. Separation allowance: separation allowance of 2 weeks` salary for each year of uninterrupted service maximum 20 weeks` salary for employees who resign within 30 days of receiving the dismissal and removing the position. 4 weeks` salary for employees who resign more than 30 days after being laid off. lead/hand-hand- Facility maintenance facility – recall fees: 6 months for temporary missions; 48 months for layoffs. 12 months for workers who are on training leave without pay. Paramedic: $375 per year (so far $350 per year) for licensed or registered physiotherapists. Editor`s Note: Registration fees: Employees who report a position are guaranteed for at least 4 hours of work or salary. Vaccinations: If influenza vaccinations are recommended for designated facilities or areas and staff refuse to take them, staff are reassigned or placed on unpaid leave or unpaid leave during the onset period, if reassignment is not possible. Age pension: Workers who opt for a pre-retirement option (after the announcement of the termination) receive 2 weeks` salary for each year of service (plus a proportional amount for each additional year of partial service) with a maximum salary of 52 weeks.

Separation benefits: the worker receives a refund of tuition fees, a maximum of USD 3,500 if the employee resigns within 30 days of receiving the notice of dismissal; $1,250 if the employee resigns more than 30 days after receiving the notification. Standby wage: $3.30 per hour for all hours of on-call if not called to work ($4.90 per hour for vacation hours). Eu Social Fund: The employer will use USD 7.50 on the first day of deductibility in December of each year by workers for whom contributions are deducted, for which union social funds are used. Shift work bonus: $1.20 per hour for all shift hours, most hours scheduled between 15.m and 7 .m and between midnight on Friday and midnight on Sunday. $4 for each position if the employer temporarily accepts the employee with the performance of classification tasks outside the bargaining unit . . . .

Mover/food aid, food delivery and caterer/food Porter, goods wash. Meal Supplement: $10 or $10 if the employer is unable to provide meals for workers who work full-time in the second round or for workers who work more than 2 hours overtime on the same day, they have worked 1 full position. Tool supplement: $115 per year for reported trade; $60 per year for non-negotiable positions requiring tools. Sampling rate (current/stage 2, after 1.65% increase): participants, perioperative/trader services, plant care discipline: the Sunset clause is 18 months for registration, suspension or any other sanction, provided that the registration of staff has been free of disciplines for 1 year. Call-in pay: at least 4 hours of work or pay per hour and half when, after completing regular service, was called back to work.