Bike Lease Agreement

Appendix C Bike Listing Rules for VeloGuide Warranty Authorization * Bike photos must be accurate and up-to-date. High-resolution images are preferred. * The list of bikes must have several photos of the bike. Add images of the different components of the bike – rear wheel, front wheel, derailleur, fork, handlebars, etc. * The description should contain all the details of the model, year and manufacture of the bike. * All descriptive details such as bike type, frame size, driver height, extras, etc., must be filled in. * All accessories, add-ons, updates must be expressly stated in the description to be eligible for coverage. * Bike rental prices follow the appropriate market price in relation to the value of the bike. For example, a racing bike worth $5,000 does not have to be rented for $10.00 $US per day.

* Note: For high quality bikes, we advise you to contact customer service before listing them to ensure that your bike is covered by the warranty. * VeloGuide will make a final decision on your claim at its discretion, based on the above coverage and authorization requirements, any additional information provided during the online dispute resolution process or other information that VeloGuide deems relevant and appropriate in the current circumstances. I declare that I understand and accept the risk that renting a bike or cycling poses a high risk of many hazards and accidents that can result in property damage, bodily injury or death. I also declare that I am in good physical health and that I am able to participate in a physical activity by bike. .