Ccleaner License Agreement

For example, in the case of a VOIP solution, you should not violate your wireless data service contract when using the solution. 5.1.4 publish, resell, distribute, send, transfer, mortgage, rent, share or sublicense, except as permitted by a distribution agreement, reseller agreement or other agreement between you and the Supplier or any other member of the supplier group; 13.6.1. For any solution uploaded to Google Play (, the license granted by this agreement is alongside all rights to use a solution that would otherwise be granted by the standard terms applicable to applications downloaded from the Google Play Store. 12.4. Global Agreement. This agreement represents the entire agreement between you and the provider with respect to your use of the solutions and documentation. This Agreement supersedes all prior or simultaneous prior or written communications, proposals, representations, warranties, warranties and assurances regarding your installation and/or use of the Solutions or Documentation. The solutions and documentation are the intellectual property of the provider and are protected by applicable copyright laws, international contractual provisions and other applicable laws of the country where the solution is used….