University Of Bristol Tenancy Agreement

This is a voluntary agreement between the lessor and the tenant to terminate a temporary rental agreement prematurely. You can only waive a joint tenancy agreement if the landlord and all tenants consent and participate in it. If a landlord does not reside in the property with their tenants, this form of agreement is called Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST). ASTs can be applied to common or individual rentals. TSA gives you certain rights during the rental period, including notice periods. You also have legal and customary rights to protect yourself. For more information on your rights under a Tenancy Assured Shorthold, see our information sheet on the housing contract (PDF). If you sign a lease, you must normally post a deposit or bond to the landlord or agency. The amount may vary, but usually corresponds to a monthly rent or 6 weeks. The deposit is a guarantee against unpaid rent or damage you cause. Your deposit should be refunded in full at the end of your tenancy, unless your landlord can prove a financial loss.

Landlords can make deductions from your deposit for: We recommend that all students who are worried about paying their rent negotiate with their landlord to see if an agreement can be reached. However, the probability is that the student stereotype you have in your head is probably very far from the truth! The start of university can be an exciting but stressful time, especially if you have a bad idea of what life will be like. Look at 5 myths about the university unmasked. If you`ve signed a contract, you`re technically bound and obligated to pay your rent, but it`s worth discussing with your landlord. You may be willing to change the lease data or have other suggestions. If you can`t/can`t make deals with your landlord and you don`t pay the rent due, the landlord, whether you move in or not, could take legal action against you, your guarantor or tenant to track the rental money. If it is a joint tenancy agreement, you should also discuss the situation with the co-tenants to find out their intentions and keep in mind that you are jointly and severally and individually responsible for the rent. It`s possible that some landlords have insurance to cover them in this case, and it would cover your rent, so it`s worth asking your landlord, although in reality it`s not a very likely solution.