Wsmc Enrollment Agreement

Please note that vessels must have a VALID COFR (Certificate of Financial Responsibility) from the USCG to complete the WSMC Ship Information Calendar online at WSMC. Hard copies can be submitted by fax to 206-443-3839 or by email to: or The WSMC Registration Agreement Signature Page and the Vessel Annex Information Page can be completed online on the WSMC Registration Page, emailed to or, or faxed to 206-443-3839. Upon receipt of the completed and signed registration forms, an official registration number will be issued for the vessel and the WSMC Registration Agreement will be signed by a WSMC representative and a copy will be returned. This creates two contracts: a registration contract with WSMC and a WSMC member services agreement with MSRC. Upon notification of the ship`s first passage (or presence) in the WSMC coverage area, the WSMC will assign an effective date. For coverage to be effective, the WSMC must have a WSMC registration agreement currently signed, a schedule for vessel information, and a notice of arrival or presence in the WSMC coverage area. In August 2008, WSMC revised its ship registration agreement and added new language that required ship owners and operators who contract directly with the Marine Spill Response Corporation (MSRC) to designate WSMC as their „authorized representative“ for immediate access to CSCRA`s spill incident response resources. ECM Marine Services staff contacted the WSMC Executive Director to clarify this new „requirement“. After a conversation with WSMC about this, ECM reports that owners/operators are not required to follow this new naming process or submit the MSRC certificate referenced in the registration agreement. WSMC did not request a similar letter of designation from NRC because WSMC has already signed a contract with NRC to provide response resources as part of the overall contingency plan.

Your IQ should have full and immediate access to RMSCs, RMCs and other oil spill response resources contracted by OSRO. Vessels with active applications are identified by a filing date that has not yet been reached. If the anniversary date is empty, the ship is registered, but has not yet made its first passage through the waters of the state of WA. .